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One time I met the legendary Jimmy Breslin. He was as much of a delightful curmudgeon as you'd hope he would be.

One time I met the legendary Jimmy Breslin. He was as much of a delightful curmudgeon as you'd hope he would be.


The Chops: 

A master's in journalism from Columbia University, four years as a beat reporter at community newspapers, a fellowship at the Columbia Journalism Review and six years as a reporter at Sports Illustrated.

    Journalism Clips:


    • A profile of Sabra Harvey, USA Track & Field's 2017 Masters Athlete of The Year. Her Dallas home was ruined in the floods from Hurricane Harvey yet managed to win the age-graded title in every road race she entered in 2017.
    • profile of pint-sized cowboy, Wyatt Johnson, who won the Utah state high school bareback rodeo championship as a freshman and his work volunteering with special needs kids. 
    • A profile of Nia Toliver, a high school All-American rugby player from South Central L.A.
    • A profile of Michigan high school wrestler Hunter Gandee, whose younger brother Braden has cerebral palsy. Hunter carried his brother on his back for 57 miles in 2015 to bring visibility to mobility issues and handicapped access. This project won a Webby Award.
    • A feature for SI Kids on the trio of tiny female skateboarders known as the Pink Helmet Posse


    • A Q&A with Paul Giammati and Ethan Hawke of The Phenom, a baseball movie that premiered in 2016
    • An interview with director Richard Linklater about his latest film, Everybody Wants Some
    • An interview with writer Joan Didion on the publication of her 2005 Pulitzer-Prize finalist book, The Year of Magical Thinking


    • A business story about former NFL-player turned candy entrepreneur, Mike Lodish, for a collaboration between Fortune and SI on pro athletes turned business leaders


    The following are all SEO-optimized, ghost-written pieces for

    • Here's a list of 5 Financial Resolutions You Should Make in 2018 (or any year, really)
    • A rundown of the 10 Money Mistakes Most 30-year-olds Make (and how to avoid them)
    • I broke down the intimidating process of filing for unemployment for a piece on How To Claim Your Unemployment Benefits
    • A list-icle of the Top 26 Best Job Sites and how to navigate them.
    • Every day I'm hustling: Here's a story on 52 Smart Ways to Make Money in the Next Few Hours 


    • A piece for U.S. News and World Report about New Orleans as the crucible for the charter school movement, reported over two weeks as a fellow of the News21 program, an effort to advance journalism led by 12 research universities with the support of the Carnegie and Knight foundations.